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We are happy to present you with the following list of books that are related to managing a successful Quarter Horse business. In addition to books on horse management, history, health, breeding and training, we will also be offering books that are related to running your business. Other topics will include books on finance, small business management, computers and the Internet.

If you know of or have read a good book lately that you think visitors to our site would like to know about, please let us know. We would be happy to include them here. Also, if you've read one of the books that we have offered and would like to send us a review of the book we will include it with the books description and list your name as the reviewer. Obviously we can't read them all ourselves and we value your input.

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These books would make a perfect gift for that

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Book List


Horses: General

Horse and Stable Management; by Jeremy Houghton Brown, Vincent Powell-Smith

Quarter Horses : A Story of Two Centuries; by Robert Moorman Denhardt

Legends: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions & Mares; by Diane Simmons

Legends : Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares (A Western Horesman Book); By Jim Goodhue, Frank Holmes, Phil Livingston, Diane C. Simmons

The Complete Horseshoeing Guide; by Robert F. Wiseman

The King Ranch Quarter Horses : And Something of the Ranch and the Men That Bred Them; by Robert Moorman Denhardt

The Quarter Horse (Learning About Horses); by Gail B. Stewart, William Munoz (Illustrator)

The Body Language of Horses : Revealing the Nature of Equine Needs, Wishes, and Emotions and How Horses Communicate Them--For Owners, Breeders, Trainers; by Tom Ainslie, Bonnie Ledbetter

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Horses: Breeding

Horse Genetics; by Ann T. Bowling

Foundation Dams of the American Quarter Horse; by Robert M. Denhardt

Foundation Sires of the American Quarter Horse; by Robert Moorman Denhardt

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Horses: Health

Feeding and Care of the Horse; by Lon D. Lewis

The Book of Horses and Horse Care : An Encyclopedia of Horses and a Copmprehensive Guide and pony Care; by Judith Draper

Horseowner's Guide to Lameness; by Ted S. Stashak, Cherry Hill

Getting Horses Fit : Improve Your HOrses Performance; by Sarah Pilliner

First Aid for Horses : The Essential Quick-Reference Guide; by Tim Hawcroft

Uc Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Book of Horses : A Complete Medical Reference Guide for Horses and Foals; by Mordecai jSiegal (Editor), Jeffery E. Barlough (Editor), Victoria B. Siegal

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Horses : Training

Western Horse : Advice and Training; by Dave Jones

Reining : The Art of Performance in Horses; by Bob Loomis, Kathy Kadash, John Hillenbrand

Schooling Young Horses; by W. Storl

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Horses : Competitive

Winning With the American Quarter Horse (Doubleday Equestrian Library); by Don Burt

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