January 13, 2000



I am writing to inform you of our plans for 2000 at www.quarterh.com on the World Wide Web. I hope we can feature your ranch and stallions on our network for 2000. America’s Quarter Horse is a Web site that works on this philosophy: "Quarter Horse Ranches on one common Web Site is the most efficient way to promote within the Quarter Horse Industry on the World Wide Web".

We have been constructing and maintaining Ranch Web Page Portfolios since 1996 and have built a clientele that includes many of the Elite Ranches, Quarter Horse Associations and Sale Companies in the Industry today. This seems to create a snowball effect.

We will be offering Ranch Page Portfolio’s for 2000 at advertising rates affordable for everyone. A Ranch Page Portfolio consists of a Ranch Page with information about your ranch including E-mail addresses etc. There will be individual Stallion Pages with Pictorials, and complete Pedigree information, all with their own Internet Web Page address. We will add a " Horses for Sale Page" that will list horses that your Ranch has for Sale in 2000.

$150.00 per year will be our price for 2000 !

If you are interested we need to get your information now, as it is time to start advertising for the 2000 breeding season. We would like to have Portfolio’s out by February 1, 2000.

We receive up to 100,000 hits and 8,000 visitor sessions to our home page per month. This does not include the visitors that go directly to Individual Ranch Pages from Magazine advertisement etc. In 1999 we we installed counters on each individual Ranch Page to monitor the number of hits by viewers. (See example of a Ranch pages on the web at (www.quarterh.com/belle.htm).


R V Alire(ROSS) 970-675-2093