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Do you want your very own Web Pages with your very own Web Page address. We offer the most complete services to the horse world on the Internet. Need to sell a horse or some equipment? Want to advertise in our classified ads page?

Let us help you do all of your Internet advertising. We will work with you to provide you the best advertising your money can buy. People from all over the United States and the World visit America's Quarter Horse site daily as we our one of the most complete and popular Quarter Horse Web sites .

America's Quarter Horse philosophy is this" Bringing people together from different walks of the Quarter Horse World on ONE NETWORK will benefit all of us in marketing our Quarterhorses".

If you think that you just can't afford to promote your horse or product to this size of a market you will be surprised at how affordable our rates are. Don't wait! Contact us now and let us show you that you too can afford to advertise on the #1 Quarter Horse Network. (WE ARE HORSE PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR HORSE PEOPLE.)

2001 Price List

1 Year 6 Months 3 Months 1 Month
Classifieds FREE
Horse Sale Pages $50.00
Product Pages $150.00 $100.00
Ranch Sites $150.00
Sale Company Pages $150.00
Trainer Pages $50.00

Ananew5.gif (731 bytes) Watch Below To See Audio/Video Demo: Quarterh.com in association with Thoroughbredtrack.com offers Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format Audio-Video Race Video's. We will convert your VHS Tape to  Microsoft's Advanced Streaming Format, and send your .asf  Video File  to you Via E-Mail for a $50.00 per Race Fee.



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Classifieds: We are now making our classifieds advertisement page available to every one that would like to represent their Quarter Horse needs. We currently receive  100,000 hits per month to America's Quarter Horse Web Sites Home page . We will be doing classifieds for free in 2001. Only short and concise Text, No pictures or pedigrees. Name and E-mail address must be included . E-Mail to rvalire @amigo.net


Horse Sale Web Pages: This includes a complete pictorial of the horse for sale, along with a four generation pedigree and any necessary text about the horses' background or other achievements.There will also  be a classified add on our classifieds page with a direct hyperlink to your horse's page. (Click to See  Example 1) ,(Example 2), (Example 3)

Ranch Sites: This includes a web page for your ranch, along with complete portfolios of each stallion in your stable (up to Three stallions for listed price). Each stallion page will be complete with large pictures, pedigrees, statistics, along with any text information of your choice. (See Example1 or Example 2).

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Sale Company Pages: This includes any pictorials about the sales event, along with information of where, when and who. This may also include sales background information. We can also include a complete list of consignments for the listed price, if the list is furnished to us in Microsoft Word of other compatible computer format we can convert into text. (See example).

Trainer Pages: This is our newest service and we are doing these pages at special prices for 2000. This page can include a pictorial of the trainer, along with background information about the trainer. This can also include text information about services offered, statistics, past horse success stories, etc.

Ananew5.gif (731 bytes) America's Quarter Horse Offers Web Site Hosting in 2001. This is a package for individuals or Ranches that want to have their very own Web Site which includes their own URL, and E-mail address along with 25MG of server space with unlimited band width . We will provide A Ranch Page link to these Ranches from our ranch page at www.quarterh.com/ranch.htm   which help Visitor Sessions to your new Ranch Site. ($500 per year plus a one time set-up fee $100.00 which includes an index page (Home Page) to get you started, or if you are one of America's Quarter Horse's current customers, we will convert  your present files into you new Site Directory.(You can now manage and update your own site as necessary,  We Suggest you use  Microsoft Front Page  as your HTML EDITOR to develop  your Web Site.


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